P Plater Course (non-accredited) – Lakeside


Defensive driving is a form of training or practice for motor vehicle drivers to drive in such a way that they consciously reduce the dangers associated with driving. These strategies go well beyond instruction on basic traffic laws and procedures.

With defensive driving courses, participants focus on improving their driving skills by reducing driving risks through anticipating situations and making safe well-informed decisions. Such decisions are implemented based on road and environmental conditions present when negotiating various traffic situations.

Course Content

  1. The Fatal Five
  • Speeding
  • Drink and Drug Driving
  • Failure to Wear a Seatbelt
  • Driving while Fatigued
  • Distraction and Inattention
  1. The Five Most Common Types of Crashes
  • Running red lights or other traffic controls such as stop or give way signs
  • When a stopped vehicle or in the process of stopping gets struck from the rear
  • Running off the road and striking an object
  • Swerving into another occupied lane
  • Turning left and colliding with an oncoming vehicle
  1. The Five Rules of Observation
  • Aim High in Steering
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving
  • Get the Big Picture
  • Leave yourself an ‘out’
  • Make Sure Other Drivers See You
  1. The Five Practical Activities
  • Vehicle Checks and Basic Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection
  • Straight Line Dry/Wet Braking at Different Speeds (ABS vs non-ABS)
  • Steering and Vision
  • Following Distance Demo
  • Cornering Techniques


8:30am to 2:30pm, however start finish times have some flexibility to suit client needs.


By appointment.


$165.00 per person (including GST)


Yes. Please advise us if you have any special dietary needs.


Participants must supply their own registered vehicles for the course. Vehicles should have fuel, and air in the tyres (as per manufacturer’s guidelines). Vehicles can be shared between participants. Learner drivers are welcome to participant, but must be accompanied by a supervising driver. L plates must be fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle.

What should I wear / bring?

The candidate MUST be wearing appropriate clothing for the training day, this includes:

  • Enclosed shoes (thongs and sandals are not acceptable).
  • Clothing which will protect from the sun and will enable the candidate to move around under the bonnet of the vehicle.
  • A hat that will protect the candidate from the sun.
  • A water bottle to fill with fresh water prior to taking part in the practical component of the course.


Driver will receive a certificate of attendance.


Lakeside Park – located at the end of Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah Q 4503. Enter through the gates, drive to the crossroad and turn right. Follow the road all the way to the other side of the track and go to the yellow demountable building.

Our Team

Our trainers are selected for their industry experience, practical skills and knowledge, as well as passion for life, people and learning. The professionalism of our trainers provides clients with the reassurance that their service and delivery expectations will be met. Trainers utilize innovative training techniques and ensure a safe environment in which participants are able to transfer the theoretical and practical knowledge they have gained in the classroom to their workplaces.

Contact Information

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