Fleet Trainer Course

A trained employee driver makes good business and economic sense. Consider the benefits:

  • Reducing on the cost of collisions
  • Perpetual fuel cost increases stress company budgets and profits
  • Litigation is on the increase and companies without strong policies and trained drivers are very vulnerable.

Watto Training Fleet Assessor programs focus on risk reduction driving techniques to help manage fleet operational expenses. We also help fleets focus on fuel savings by training drivers to drive with eco-sense.

Fleet defensive driving / risk reduction solutions by Watto Training help businesses, fleet managers and company drivers reduce driver risk to provide positive results for any size fleet or budget.

Watto Training offers:

  • Assistance with establishing an internal employee safe driving program
  • On-site classroom training wherever you need us
  • Products you can purchase to use in your internal driver safety program

Let us help you:

  • Reduce exposure and potential losses to companies and organisations
  • Minimise direct and indirect collision expenses that result in evaporated profits
  • Reduce fuel costs to your fleet with driving tips for your drivers
  • Satisfy regulatory or other compliance issues for fleet driver training

Why Watto Training?

  • High-quality effective driver improvement programs that are behaviour based and designed to modify problem driving habits
  • We empower drivers with risk reduction processes and fuel saving procedures
  • We provide you options for multiple training formats –  (online, classroom, on-road) – to reach your entire group
  • We utilise highly-trained, skilled certified instructors who are passionate about safety
  • We provide superior service at affordable cost to your organization
  • It’s affordable, interactive and a more eco-sensible approach to lowering risk and saving money

This course is delivered as competency-based training and assessment and provides candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate the required skills, knowledge and understanding to be deemed competent against standards and performance criteria. 

Q: What units do I have to complete?

A: The units that make up the course are listed below. If you choose to do this course you will get one assignment for each unit. The order the units are listed as below, is the order in which assignments are recommended to be completed.

  • TLIC3037A Apply safe heavy vehicle driving behaviours
  • TLIM4002A Develop safe heavy vehicle driving behaviours in others
  • TLIL1001A Complete workplace orientation/induction procedures
  • TLIF1001A Follow occupational health and safety procedures
  • TLIF2010A Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TAEDES401A Design and develop learning programs
  • TAEDEL402A Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
  • TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
  • TLIF4066A Implement and supervise transport regulations compliance systems
  • TLIL2008A Complete routine administrative tasks

Plus, the highest relevant ‘Drive Vehicle’ unit from the list below:

  • TLIC2002A Drive light rigid vehicle
  • TLIC3003A Drive medium rigid vehicle
  • TLIC3004A Drive heavy rigid vehicle
  • TLIC3005A Drive heavy combination vehicle
  • TLIC4006A Drive multi-combination vehicle

NB: Multi-Combination trainers are required to undertake further training and assessments in addition to the requirements listed as they will fulfil the role of assessor as well as trainer. The two units required are:

  • TAEASS401B: Plan and organise assessment
  • TAEASS402B: Assess competence

NB: If an applicant has already completed ‘TAE40110 – Training and Assessment’ or ‘TAA40104 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment’ they will not need to complete the following units:

  • TAEDES401A Design and develop learning programs
  • TAEDEL402A Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
  • TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
  • TAEASS401A: Plan and organise assessment
  • TAEASS402A: Assess competence

Where to from here?

Please download and read the General Course Information for full course details. If you have any questions or wish to book, please contact us.

Watto Training RTO Number 40791

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