Driving Instructor Training in NSW


Before reading this page, please go to the following website and read through the NSW government information about training and assessment of driver/rider trainers. You will see Watto Training listed as an approved course provider.


Is Watto Training an Approved NSW Course Provider?

Yes. Watto Training is an approved provider of driving instructor training for Car and Heavy Vehicle instructors by the RMS of NSW. We deliver training and assessment of driver trainers in Northern NSW. However, candidates can travel to Qld and do their course with Watto Training.

How can Watto Training train and assess me to be a qualified instructor as an interstate training provider?

Roads and Maritime will recognise TLI41210 or TL141216 or TLI41218 Certificates issued by interstate Recognised Training Organisations (RTOs) with current service provider deeds with the driver licensing regulator in that state:

Queensland: See the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website

(NB: You will see Watto Training listed on the Department’s website as a holder of a current service provider deed)

The process by which NSW recognises the qualifications attained by candidates in other states and territories is known as Mutual Recognition.

What is Mutual Recognition?

The rationale underpinning Mutual Recognition is that the quality assurance mechanisms to which RTOs are subject are sufficient to ensure integrity in assessment and certification by RTOs. The National Principles for Mutual Recognition underpin the operation of State and Territory Recognition Authorities within the context of the Australian Recognition Framework.

Principle 1

An RTO must accept and mutually recognise the decisions of any other RTO or body in partnership with an RTO, thereby ensuring the mutual acceptance throughout Australia of the qualifications and Statements of Attainment awarded by RTOs.

Principle 2

Each State or Territory will always mutually recognise the decisions of all other States and Territories in registering a training organisation, thereby ensuring the mutual acceptance throughout Australia of the qualifications and Statements of Attainment awarded by RTOs.

Principle 3

Mutual Recognition enables an RTO to operate within other States or Territories within the original scope of registration without a further formal recognition process or payment of additional fees.

Principle 4

RTOs wishing to operate in more than one State/Territory should generally only be required to communicate with a single Recognition Authority, the Primary Recognition Authority unless they wish to do otherwise. The Primary Recognition Authority will usually be the one in which the organisation was first registered and/or it has its major locus of operations. RTOs may elect to change their Primary Recognition Authority.

Where is Training Delivered in NSW?

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