PMASUP236B – Operate Vehicles in The Field


This course is designed for operations technicians who patrol areas of pipeline or follow pipelines across a variety of terrains looking for problems requiring maintenance or reporting. During the course of their work the operations technicians must check the vehicle for mechanical soundness before leaving base, ensure it is securely and adequately packed, make certain their communications equipment and contact schedule are in order and generally be prepared for long periods off-road.

Course Content

  • Prepare vehicle and secure load
  • Undertake journey
  • Operate vehicle
  • Finalise journey
  • Recover vehicle
  • Maintain vehicle safety


Head to Dayboro Road and follow until you come to Shea Road.

Shea Road will fade around to the left and become Theodore Road

Follow Theodore Road then take a left into Neilson Road

As you go down Neilson Road you’ll see (if you keep your eye out), a sign to the venue on the left. That is called GATE 1, but that’s not where we train. You’ve got to keep driving another couple of hundred metres up the road to GATE 2. Your trainer will meet you there.

What To Bring

Closed in shoes, drivers licence, lunch and suitable clothing e.g long pants


Please make arrangements for your own food and water for the day.


Australian Driver’s Licence


The program generally runs from 7:30am to 3:30pm, however start finish times have some flexibility to suit client needs.


$295.00 (GST exempt)


Supplied by driver. (Drivers can share vehicles on the course)


A nationally recognized Statement of Attainment will be presented to applicants when all theory and practical activities are completed successfully. NB: If competency is not demonstrated, additional on road and classroom training hours shall be charged if required.

Our Team

Our trainers are selected for their industry experience, practical skills and knowledge, as well as passion for life, people and learning. The professionalism of our trainers provides clients with the reassurance that their service and delivery expectations will be met. Trainers utilise innovative training techniques and ensure a safe environment in which participants are able to transfer the theoretical and practical knowledge they have gained in the classroom to their workplaces.

LLN Requirements

For Watto Training courses, a sound understanding of English as well as basic English speaking, reading and writing skills are required.

Prior to an applicant’s enrolment being accepted, they need to provide evidence of one of the following:

  • Prior completion of a course or undertaking which would have needed a similar or greater level of LLN. In this case such evidence could include proof of the successful completion of a secondary school leaving certificate, or a certificate III or higher qualification, or other evidence that would demonstrate LLN to this level.
  • Completing a short LLN test at

This short test is free and you can request that the results be sent directly to the RTO by email.

  • Providing other evidence of your LLN proficiency to this level or higher.

Course Enrolment and Student Handbook

Please click on the following links for the Course Enrolment Form as well as the Student Handbook, containing information on our Policies and Procedures.

Contact Information

Telephone: 1300 UPSKILL (1300 877 5455)
Mobile: 0459 840 006 or 0412 986 419

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